Frequently Asked Questions

What is Cannabidiol (CBD) and What Does it Do?

Please go to our Learn section for detailed information on CBD and how it works.

Will CBD Get Me High?

No, CBD is a phytocannabinoid that is non-psychotropic unlike THC, the compound that produces feelings of euphoria. Our products contain zero THC.

Will I Pass a Drug Test?

Our products contain zero THC and as such should not show any positive result on a test screening for that compound.

Do You Charge Sales Tax?

As of this time, E Ola Hawaii only assesses and collects sales tax in Hawaii where we are based.

What states do you ship to?

We ship to all 50 states.

Who Should/Should Not Take CBD?

Please go to our Learn section for detailed information on CBD and how it may benefit the human body.

However, you should always consult your physician prior to using this or any other cannabis product especially if you have a serious medical condition, use prescription medication, are pregnant or nursing a child. Not intended for use by persons under 18.

Can I change my order after it is placed?

If you've placed an order and would like to make any changes, please contact our customer service team at If the order has not shipped, we can modify the order to your liking. If the order has shipped, you will then need to follow the return process. Please see our Refunds section for details.

What is Your Returns Policy?

Please go to the Refunds section for detailed information. 

Do You Offer Bulk or Wholesale Discounts?

Definitely! Please contact us at for more information.